Friday Finds: Circus Wedding and a Toothless Bride

  • Brides worry about a lot of things on their wedding day. What will they forget? What will go wrong? But, I’m willing to bet very few brides have worried about losing their teeth in the communion wine. This woman…should have worried. Bestest Life Partner (Extremely Funny)
  • Remember when I shared with you the story of a groom from the UK who posted a video a day pleading with Hanson to perform at his wedding? Well his perserverance paid off – because Hanson replied to him with a youtube video (a long-winded, 3-minute-long youtube video), and are sending the couple on an all expense paid trip to see them perform in Jamaica!! Now that I know this works, I have to go start my daily video campaign to have Justin Timberlake make-out with me!! Hanson’s Honeymoon Video Offer to Oxfordshire Man

Best of luck to all our amazing brides who have weddings this weekend, including our Blogger Bride, Liz, who is getting married on Saturday! Congratulations Liz!


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