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Getting stuck with a backlog is one of the main reasons wedding videographers burn out and quit. You're constantly being pulled from one thing to another in your business, not allowing you to really focus on producing edits that wow your couples. The time and energy it takes to really produce a wedding film your couples will love sometimes just doesn't happen. 

When veteran filmmakers asked if we could edit for them, we saw an opportunity to reshape outsourcing with our unique strengths. We committed to staying true to our ideals - not chasing profits.

Does it cost more to pay US editors, buy equipment, and build our platform? Absolutely. But we believe these investments result in better service, better films, and more freedom for you. And we get to positively impact our teams' and clients' lives too.

With over 15 years of helping wedding filmmakers just like yourself, and thousands of edited films, we've mastered efficient systems to lift the editing burden while maintaining artistic quality. Our goal is simple - help you easily deliver incredible wedding videos so you can thrive in business and life. Outsourcing your wedding films will allow you to step into the director seat with your films, working with our team to ensure you are getting your couples the films they deserve, all while taking that huge weight off of your shoulders. 

Our Story

As engineers and project managers, we never imagined starting a video company. But after our own no-video wedding, the regret was overwhelming. We realized many couples faced this dilemma.

Leveraging our backgrounds and Ariane's FCPX certification, we launched WeddingMix - an affordable DIY filming and editing solution. Over the years, we honed our process to provide quality wedding videos.

Then, in 2016, veteran filmmakers asked if we could edit for them too. We saw a chance to reinvent the outsourcing model with our proven expertise.

Unlike offshore editors or rookie freelancers, we offered US-based storytelling masters trained through our WeddingMix service and overseen by our senior editors.

By applying our efficient workflows, communications system, and rigorous training, we deliver premium editing without premium prices.

The result? Happy partners who return yearly as we constantly improve our craft. We stay true to our mission - sharing life's greatest moments through the power of video.

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