Why Storymix?

“I highly, HIGHLY recommend Storymix Media. Their team of editors do such a fantastic job mimicking our style. Hiring them was easily the best business decision I've made yet. ”

  • 10+ years and 15,000+ projects edited
  • HTFW recommended
  • In-house U.S. team
  • Proprietary process and communications system
  • FCPX, Premiere, and DaVinci capabilities


A Partnership For Success

Outsourcing editing only makes sense if it will help you achieve your business and personal goals. Time wasted on emails, recuts, and communications issues is frustrating and makes outsourcing worthless. With techniques developed from editing over 15,000 videos since 2011, we have fine-tuned a system that eliminates the most common and painful issues when outsourcing. It's a system that works best for certain clients to maximize a long-term relationship. If your business fits the following criteria, check out the rest of this page and decide if a quick 15 minute call is worth your time to determine whether we're a fit.

  • Volume commitment (or goal) of 10 projects per year
  • Business approach to videography
  • Use of streamlined communications and fast response times


We'll use the first projects to determine if a custom package and pricing is appropriate for you.

Doc Edit

Basic cuts and color


Highlight Video

Any style up to 8 min


Full Feature Video

Any style up to 60 min


Highlight & Doc Edit

Bundle and save


Highlight & Feature

Bundle and save


Pricing reflects volume commitment of 10+ projects a year


See more samples and find edits close to your style, features, types and typical location on our YouTube page. 

We're happy to provide direct links to more samples that are closest to your style.


In just 15 minutes speaking with our co-founder Mike you'll know whether working with Storymix Media makes sense for your business. You'll understand the process and systems used to match your style. Mike will learn about your company and answer any questions, so after the call, it will be clear if it makes sense to move forward.