Save thousands of dollars on your wedding by using technology!

budget, wedding, infographic Storymix Media has teamed up with four awesome wedding technology providers (#wedtech for short) to bring you the easiest ways to get five of the top wedding trends for less by using technology.

Scroll down or click here for the full wedding technology infographic.

Also, check out the super cool wedding technology companies below to help you save along the way:

Smart Bride Boutique New and Used Wedding Dresses

Appy Couple Mobile Wedding Websites

Minted Custom Wedding Invitations

Wishpot Honeymoon Registries


Wedding Infographic How to Save Money on Your Wedding Using Technology
Storymix Media

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  1. says

    Love this post on wedtech! It’s always great to see companies trying to make life easier (and cheaper!) for DIY brides. Curious if you have seen ? I would love some feedback about you think of our product. Please reach out if you’d like a free account to give it a test run!

  2. Taylor says

    Thank you SO MUCH for posting about honeymoon registries. Not everyone opted to use the website but almost everyone obliged and pitched in a little money instead of a gift. My husband and I are young, and let’s face it, we don’t have the means right now to pay for our own honeymoon… I keep reading about how tacky it is and blah, blah, blah… and I’m just like please get over it. This is a new age, and things change! We live in a tiny apartment where I barely have enough room for my SHOES, let alone a blender, formal china, and who knows what else! So if you want to do it, GO FOR IT. You deserve an awesome honeymoon as a newlywed.


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